Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

Memorization Through Music - Bible Memorization Guaranteed

Why Hide God’s Word in Your Heart? – Having God’s Word hidden in your heart provides:Proverbs 1

  • Security in knowing God’s promises for you.
  • Guidance in making everyday decisions in your life.
  • Freedom from worry, knowing God’s daily provisions for you in His Word.
  • Ability to train your children with God’s Word.

Economic Group Learning Tool – Your children won’t outgrow this valuable learning tool. All ages can learn.  Older children can read the Bible stores to the younger children.  All ages can enjoy the beautiful, melodic songs and hide God’s Word in their hearts.

  • For preschool students – Read aloud picture book.
  • For elementary school students – Have them read the related Bible story and look up the verse(s).
  • For Junior or Senior High school students – Have them practice their speaking skills after memorizing the verses and write a paper on the meaning of the Bible verses.

Why Memorize the Bible to Music?

  • Studies show that learning songs to music has the highest long term retention factor. 

King James Version

  • An easy way to learn the beautiful language of the KJV version.  It is an effortless way to increase their vocabulary. It is similar to training your children in another language.  Also, the King James Version is a literal translation of the original manuscripts.

Full Chapters Put to Music

  • Studies have shown that memorizing an entire chapter versus a single verse allows you to truly understand the passage.

Guarantee - Spend ten minutes a day, and in 30 days you will have an entire chapter of the Bible memorized.

  • Guaranteed, or we will refund your money. 


Bible Devotions Made Easy

Have Daily Bible Devotions WHILE you
Memorize Scripture to a Song.

  • Take five minutes a day to listen to the music and five minutes to read a page interpreting each Proverb with a related Bible passage.
  • This will change your children’s life! Having your children know that God takes priority at breakfast over everything else will only take ten minutes a day. The pictures associated with each verse in the Proverbs are breathtaking, colorful Biblical artwork. You will never regret teaching your children God’s Word. At the end of the month, they will have memorized an entire chapter of Proverbs, Psalms or Romans.

Free CD – If you provide us helpful feedback on our products five days after purchase via e-mail at info@Godswordstoliveby.com, we will send you a free CD.

  • What do you like about the CD’s and/or books?
  • What do you wish was different?
  • Do you feel you received value for the amount of money you paid?
  • What chapters would you like to memorize to music in the future?

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